Six Hints To Prevent Pests From Accessing Your Home

You know where pests are present in your and its time to deal with them ruthlessly. Otherwise, they will start coming out of hibernation to look for comfortable places to obtain food and live. However dealing with pests is not an easy task as most think because they will keep finding their way back into your residence. The first step to prevent pests from invading your home is contacting Bellator Pest Control. Others that you should take afterward include:

Emptying garbage cans

If your trash cans are full and you fail to remove them, then you are inviting unwanted guests to your home. The waste produces a pungent smell because it contains both organic and inorganic substances. This makes it the perfect environment for all kind of organisms. After the animals are done with your waste, they plan to attack your home for more delicacies.


Seal potential entrances

Make sure that you seal all the possible ways that pests might take advantage of to access your home. Before that, you should take your time to thoroughly inspect the exterior of your home for cracks in the foundation and gaps between pipes. For instance, if the gaps are significant enough then pests will try to hide there. So it’s a grand idea to examine the openings of your home for any light passing through crevices particularly close to pipes or wires that enter your home.

Don’t leave food in the open

A typical mistake that most homeowners make is that they leave food open on the shelve at night. Small bits of food can attract pests like rodents that can end up contaminating your kitchen. You have to take your time to clean up the food after meals and ensure that you thoroughly wipe down the counters and clean the floors to keep pests at bay.

Keep your home dry

Apart from food, another thing that pests love is water. Pests like roaches can go for weeks without food but only a week without water. Ensured that gutters are well installed to the exterior in your home to channel water appropriately. Drain water from the sink and mop up paddles. If any of your kitchen appliances are leaky ensure that it is fixed because pests require little water to survive.


Having unnecessary stuff in your home will provide pests with a hideout. Make sure that stuff you don’t need like plastic bags, old newspapers, wood just to mention a few are thrown out of your home to eliminate any potential hiding places for pests. If possible have a routine for decluttering your home frequently. Besides, you need to trim plants and bushes to animals from getting into your home.


Inspect stuff you bring home

Before bringing stuff into your home, you need to ensure that they are free from pests. For instance, if you purchase an antique set of furniture you need to make sure that it is free from pests. Infested stuff going into your home can start an infestation in the blink of an eye. So be careful otherwise you might invite the unwanted guests in your home.