In the recent past, home owners are increasingly taking charge of their own security. Terrorism and burglary are becoming a common day feature. Manufacturers of security systems have responded to this gap by coming up with products and services that can mitigate against this risk. No wireless security camera system reviews will be complete without looking at the following elements: identification of key values, different types of the security cameras and other key considerations.

The security industry has been growing in leaps and bounds in the recent years. With the advent of technology, security systems have become equally budget friendly. The Internet is becoming a central feature of everything. Home owners can now access their premises when off location. All that is needed is a smart phone. Our wireless security camera system reviews will start by looking at the various types of cameras available. These cameras are classified depending on the location of their installation. The security cameras could either be installed indoor or outdoor.

Smart Wireless Cameras Types

Indoor Smart Security Camera

2This wireless surveillance camera is normally used indoor. When installing these cameras, there is no need to pay attention to whether they are waterproof or not. Durability and wiring are not a big consideration since the vulgarities of the weather are not an issue indoors. The key factor should be the size and ease of installation and use. In households with pets and small children, the cameras should be mounted at heights which are beyond their reach.

Outdoor Smart Security Camera

With the weather being a huge consideration, the cameras should be waterproof. This will enable them to withstand rain, snow and at times the sun. The good thing with an outdoor smart security camera is that they can be connected to solar energy. However, a strong Wi-Fi router is needed due to the fact that they are located far.

Key Features You Should Consider when doing security camera system reviews:

Video Quality

With all cameras, the first priority should be the video resolution. The industry’s average is about 720p. This will not only provide quality but also speed. Video cameras with higher resolutions will be added advantage. Security is very important at night, and need should be taken at videos that can perform at night. Look for technology that will support this: night vision technology or use of infrared.

Quality of sound

A good camera system should have a technology that cancels noise. This is important for camera systems that are installed outdoor.

Smart phone App

Technology has made it possible for all home security system to be linked to an application that can be monitored and controlled from the smartphone. Most of these applications can either be downloaded from the internet or supplied by the manufacturers.

Ease of Installation and Use

A lot of security cameras are not only easy to install but also to use. Most manufacturers have adopted a Do it Yourself (DIY) package. Buyers are able to install, integrate and control the system by themselves. Further to this, virtually all smart security cameras have a wire-free approach. No complicated wiring but just a button to push and its systems go.…


Benefits of a single storey home

When you are just starting out in your career as well as raising a family, and you are not sure where you are going to call home but don’t want to rent an apartment, then your best option is to look for a simple house. Renting is like throwing your hard earned money away. There are other options; you can buy a single storey home, which are smaller home, but they have all the luxuries of a large home.

When it comes to purchasing a home, you can never go wrong. It is always a good idea to start building up your credit as well; buying a home will definitely do that.

In this article, we will talk about the benefits of purchasing a single storey home.

Single storey home

2They are quite simple. You can get them in one or two bedrooms with 1 or 2 bathrooms. They even come with a one car garage. Like a real home, they sit on a full foundation. You can put them on a quarter acre land with a beautiful driveway leading up to the garage, and have a nice back yard. If you are planning on having a family, they have the room for a child as well.

Floor plans

If you want to see the single storey house plans, they have like six different types. Each one has a unique look to them. After you pick a floor plan, you can start adding some components to them. You will be able to pick what type of appliances you want to have in the home. The bathroom will have a floor plan, but you will be able to add things like double sinks, jet style bath tub, etc.


When you are just starting out, you will get a first time home buyer. What this will do for you is that the bank will give you a chance to prove yourself that you are responsible enough to pay your house payment on time; doing so will help build your credit. They will only ask for like 5 percent to get into the home. You will be able to finance the home for 30 years if you need to, and later in the future, you will be able to borrow against the home.



Once you have lived in the home for at least five years, and paid your house payment on time, then your house is worth money after you sell it or you can rent and make more money from your home.…